Preventative Maintenance


2 Tech Ltd. provides code-compliant fire alarm and security systems inspections at facilities throughout Bermuda. These are some of the features and Benefits of 2 Tech’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement.



Peace of mind:

Semi-annual inspections, as recommended by local and international codes, ensure that your system is operating safely and reliably.



Preferred Customer Status:

Having a maintenance agreement with us means that your company is a preferred customer and guaranties that you are first in line when service is required and will receive prompt attention when needed.



Trained Technicians:

Our dependable and trained staff of technicians performs maintenance inspections with the highest level of professionalism and competence.



Online Documentation:

We provide 24/7 online access to your inspection reports and inventory information which provides crucial management data, including test results, warranty & repair status, and equipment age.



Extends System Lifespan:

It is an accepted fact that regular inspections and maintenance of electronic components and systems prolongs their life and reduces service callouts, thereby reducing long term upgrade and repair costs.



We have partnered with to provide high quality data gathering and code-compliant reporting of your facilities fire and/or security systems. With this system all devices are bar-coded and scanned when inspected to provide an accurate inspection record for every device in your facility. Easily find failed devices, the reason they failed, proposed solutions, pricing, and even codes and standards that address the device failures. Plan ahead by knowing what devices are under warranty and which warranties will be expiring. All the reports for your property are stored online and accessible 24/7. View, download, email, or print reports using the secured, user-friendly inspection portal.

Contact us if you need to register for access to your inspection report.

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